Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Basketball Goodie Bags for our 3-4 Grade Girls team!

I am so glad to be back posting again. It will be hit and miss for a little while though, we are in the process of finding a bigger house and making a move, which I am so excited for because then I might actually get my own craft space! 
 I have so much to show you of different projects I have been making and don't know what to start with. Well, since we just finished our 3rd Grader's Basketball season a little bit ago I will share the goodie bags I made for my daughter's team. They were such a fun group of girls to coach and work with and we had a fun time with them.

I used the sports mania cartridge, paper from my stash, and a white gel pen. super simple and easy. I don't go too complicated because most of the time the kids just throw them away anyway. But they all loved them!

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope to share more with you later. I have my card swap tonight and so maybe I can share some of those with you next time!
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