Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Wedding Album

Hi everyone, I know it's been a while.  I have just been so busy and it is not stopping either with this time of year. 

Today we had a tryout for our u12 girls soccer team this morning. That lasted 2 hours, we went home got a bite to eat for lunch then drove over to St. George for our daughter's indoor soccer game. We are now home for the night to rest and relax; all except for Ted.  He had to hurry and change and load up the truck for a gig he has to get to tonight. 

I am currently working on something for a christmas present and I will post the pics when they are done but I won't post until I have given the gift.  Until then I will try and post some pics of pages from a wedding album I made for someone.  I really liked the end result of the album and I'm pretty sure the bride did too. I just wish I could have finished it and given it to her sooner than I did.  (Sorry it took so long Kaylee.)

The pictures don't show up very good sorry, but the colors are actually really bright.  The wedding colors were Bright Pink, Bright Green, Black, White, and Blush Pink.
I added a little sparkle of silver here and there, and of course glitter. I used some glitter paper.  I used some spamps from My Cute Stamps for the background paper, the swirls and flowers were with the cricut.  I think it was the Home Decor Cart.
I wish I could say that it was all me, but I get a lot of inspiration from other people, out of catalogs, on the net, so many places.  I can't remember where the inspiration came for all of the pages in the album but if you see one and recognize that it is yours or someone you know then thank you for your talent.  I just get the layout ideas and put my own spin on them with different colors and embellishments. 
I hope you all like these pages. I will try to post some up each day to show you the whole album.


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