Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Year in Review Album

Hey guys,  I know it's been a little while, the holidays are so crazy.  I thought that with school being out and not having anywhere to go I would get a lot done.  Well, having the kids home actually I didn't get anything done.   I do love my kids, don't get me wrong, but- My house is a disaster!  School starts tomorrow, and I can finally get back into routine.  I think they are ready to go back too.  They want to see there friends, and talk about christmas gifts. 

Speaking of gifts, this is what I made for my Parents and my inlaws.  It is an album of what each of us in our family did throughout the year 2010.  Each person has a page dedicated to them.  It will be added to each year. 

This was the front title page of the album. After that it goes in order of the Family. 
Dad, Mom, Tehya, Trinity, and Tanner.

For some reason this picture came out facing the wrong way.  It ended up being one of my favorites too.

It was hard trying to find pictures of myself for this, I am always the one taking the pictures.

I loved seeing their faces when they opened it up. 
I know they really liked it. (my parents)

My mother-in-law was tickled with it.
Trinity had to show her all the pages and what her favorite was.

I hope you all like them, they were actually the simplest pages I have done.
There were many products and different companies used to make all of them.  Some of them are:  Breezy Design, DCWV, the Alphalicious cart, the Home Decor cart, stickles, and many others.

Thanks for taking a look and feel free to leave a comment, I would like to know what you think.
see you later, Trish


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