Tuesday, May 31, 2011

School Pages

Good Day everyone,

I wanted to show you some pages I did for my girls.  I started this with my oldest when she started school.  It is a book about each grade, that shows their personalities at that age and what they like, who their friends are, what their favorite subject is, stuff like that.  On the page we also record how tall they are, how much they weigh, and what they want to be when they grow up.  It is really fun to do and to look back and see what they were like. 
I let my girls pick out the colors, the design, what paper they want to use, but I put it together and make it. When it is done, they fill in all the answers so that it is in their handwriting.

For my oldest daughter's page she picked out these bright bold colors and I used a Stampin' Up stamp, and ink pads, to do the line pattern on the bottom of the page and to shade in the peace sign.  I used the George cart for the flower and the peace sign.  I used an exacto knife to cut out the inside of the circle to make a peace sign. (I really want and need the groovy times cart; my daughter is into all that kind of stuff.)  The title was actually made on the computer.  I cut out the 6 on orange paper, popped it up and used orange stickles for the sparkle.

My 5 year old wanted to use stamps for her page, with pink and purple.  All of the stamps and inks are Stampin' Up.  I stamped around the page with hearts and flowers.  I shaded the edge of the page with pink and purple chalk to soften it up.  The black dot in the little flowers is actually stickles.  I thought the wire through the letters was really cute.  She likes her page, and thinks it is soo cute.

I made these at 8.5 by 11.   That way I can print out right on the page all the questions, and I have room for the 2 pictures.  The one is the first picture at the beginning of school and the second is in the spring at the end of school.  I put their class picture behind it in the sheet protector. 

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